Photographs David Farreny
Photographs David Farreny

Photography is a minor art; that is why I practice it.


Difficult beauty

Uncertain scales

Faces of home

Fake black & white

A wall interposed

Run away to the North

At night

Stupid orthogonality

Visions from depression



Disposable postcards

Art (found works)

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video “IV.2020 — The ordinary. Memories of Gascony” par David Farreny — — France, jardin, garden, printemps, spring, springtime, calme, quiet, silence, oiseaux, birds, maison, house, domicile, home, vent, wind, feuillage, foliage, pierre, stone, film, vidéo, video, movie, iMovie, 1080p, Occitanie, Gascogne, Gers, Jegun, interlude
IV.2020 — The ordinary. Memories of Gascony  🎥
photograph “[Interlude] A simple heart” par David Farreny — — France, ticket, caisse, sales, slip, receipt, église, church, prière, prayer, enfant, child, pierre, stone, mouche, fly, morte, dead, écriture, writing, Dieu je t'aime, God I love you, Je voudrai pa être morte en acouchant, I'd like not to die while giving birth, interlude, Occitanie, Aveyron, Rouergue, Bessuéjouls, Saint-Pierre-de-Bessuéjouls
[Interlude] A simple heart
photograph “[Interlude] View of the government unit for the strategic fight against the COVID-19 pandemic” par David Farreny — — France, État, gouvernement, administration, bureaucratie, incapables, incompétents, clowns, pandémie, COVID, stratégie, bureau, salle, vide, souterrain, néon, métal, photocopieuse, béton, State, government, bureaucracy, incompetent, pandemic, COVID-19, coronavirus, strategy, office, desk, empty, emptiness, underground, concrete, interlude, neon, photocopier, virus, socialisme, socialism, étatisme, statism
[Interlude] View of the government unit for the strategic fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
photograph “[Interlude] Renewal” par David Farreny — — France, affiche, électorale, election, poster, élection, présidentielle, presidential, Président, President, clowns, Bruno Le Maire, le renouveau, the revival, slogan, délavé, washed-out, défraîchi, faded, affiches, posters, pierre, stone, clown, incompétent, incompetent, bureaucrate, bureaucrat, Occitanie, Gascogne, Gers, Jegun
[Interlude] Renewal
video “[Interlude] Presence of Lee Miller” par David Farreny — — Lee Miller, Man Ray, années 30, 1930s, Paris, France
[Interlude] Presence of Lee Miller  🎥
photograph “[Interlude] Peterfid tomcat” par David Farreny — — Peterfid tomcat, canular, hoax, art contemporain, contemporary art, 1960, Visalia, Californie, California, concierges, gardiens, janitors, exposition, exhibition, art, balais, brooms, brushes, sculpture, métal, metal, chat, cat, matou, tomcat, pétrifié, petrified, peterfid
[Interlude] Peterfid tomcat
© David Farreny, 2004-2024   ✉️🅵

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